Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Women’s Day – One Woman’s Wish List

Before you read any further and pass judgment on me, let me make it clear that I am well aware that the significance of International Women’s Day extends way beyond me insisting on a day of rest and demanding the boys in my household indulge my every whim.  For the record, I shall not be dangling my legs over the side of the bath and ordering my husband to shave them.  Nor will I condemn my young son to a day of drudgery at my expense (although his keenness to bake could be turned to my advantage!)

However, it has made me rather selfishly reflect on the things I have yet to achieve, some momentous, some less so, and some downright silly, which make it wondrous to be a woman. 

  1. Wearing and carrying off with aplomb, a walk along a red carpet in a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.
  2. Becoming someone’s muse.
  3. Experiencing that glow of pride at being escorted somewhere, at some point in the future, on the arm of my fully-grown, healthy and happy son.
  4. Finding a freedom of expression without fear of causing offence, having reached the age where, in imparting wisdom and witticisms, my words are at best perceived as those of an inspirational elder and at worst, the musings of a beloved eccentric.
  5. Creating the perfect capsule wardrobe, neatly contained in my own walk in closet.
  6. Doing something truly worthwhile for a charitable cause – something over and above a cash donation.
  7. Gathering all my friends from far and wide at one time in atmospheric surroundings and hosting a party to remember.
  8. Finding the perfect shade of red lipstick.  It must be wearable and it must transform my lips into Angelina’s.
  9. Going out clothed from head to toe in vintage clothing (a sight to behold in the suburbs) and not giving a damn!
  10. Proving to our child that long-term relationships need hard work and commitment to flourish and that without love and laughter we are nothing.
What’s on your wish list?

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